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Do you have what it takes? It’s time to find out. IMG_9509 the society cutout2.png

Be the change you wish to see in this world. ~ Gandhi


IT’S TIME! THE CONTEST IS NOW OPEN! To participate, please first sign up here: The Sign Up Form

Bullying is a real issue not only in THE SOCIETY, but in our schools, online, and all around us. It is never okay. But the good thing is that we can take a stand against it. We can also do things to help those who may feel like they just don’t fit in, or who may be having a bad day. Often people are fighting battles we know nothing about. This community is meant to be a place to come together to share the goal of inspiring and challenging each other to think of awesome new ways to be kind to the people around us…to our classmates…our peers…to that kid in homeroom whose name we don’t know. Or if you are not in school…to our co-workers, our family, to the people in our neighborhood. What we say and do matters. Sometimes all it takes to make a genuine difference in someone’s day is a caring word, a smile, or a small act of kindness.

In THE SOCIETY, after years of bullying, Sam turns to her own style of revenge to take down her tormentor, Jessica, who reigns from the top of The Society’s social ladder. Sam uses computer hacking to fake tap three initiates and gives them each tasks to complete during her high school’s Hell Week.

And that gave me the idea for a contest that would inspire tasks of kindness. You’ll be completing tasks that will make a difference in the lives of people around you–small, fun things that just may bring a smile to someone’s face, maybe even your own! =)

Your tasks, should you choose to accept, are nothing like the ones that Sam came up with. You will use your powers for good! Are you ready to have some fun? You know you are!

Be sure to follow all the fun on twitter @cooltobekindTSC and @2000_words


For four weeks, each Friday, there will be a new password to enter the MISSIONS tab on this contest page. The page will contain tasks to complete. You can complete one or all tasks. Each successfully completed task will count as a contest entry. Each task will relate to the spirit of this community—being kind to others, promoting positivity in your school (or if you are not in school, that’s absolutely okay too you can still take part!) and to those around you–bringing a smile to someone’s face. THE CONTEST will run from FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016 – FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016. This contest is NOT just for teens, there will be tasks that are social media only tasks, or tasks that can be adapted to your workplace or neighborhood. We want the idea behind this to really be focused on spreading kindness. That’s it, that’s our goal. All while having fun. =)

To sign up, simply go to: The Sign Up Form
(Note, you may sign up from midnight EST 4/6/16 through midnight EST 5/13/16 when the contest ends.)

Tell your friends, spread the word…be sure to use the hashtags #cooltobekind and #thesociety


Each week, several tasks or missions will be assigned. You will be given clear instructions on an action to complete for each.

Some tasks will require you to take a photo/video of yourself completing your mission. These can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. A link to the image must be posted on a social media platform using the hashtags #cooltobekind and #thesociety. You will then post the link to the CONTEST FORM. BOTH must be done to count as a contest entry.

Other tasks will be completed directly on social media. Maybe sending a kind or inspiring word to people in your life. You will copy the link to your completed social media task and post the link to the contest form.  That’s it! You will be entered!

*Please note, I may post your task photos/videos to my author accounts (it could be on this community page, my Entangled author page, etc) so please note that by uploading your photo to this contest you are granting me permission to do so.

This page is not ONLY about a contest (although we are going to have a BLAST with it!!) It’s about a community. A way to initiate change through small actions. This change can start with you….it really can. Your actions matter. It can mean the world to someone in your life.

(Please note, if an International winner is selected for the grand prize, a $25  Amazon e-gift card will be given in place of the prize. Thank you for your understanding.)

One grand prize winner from all eligible entries will receive:
A $10 Amazon Gift Cardprizes
An autographed bookmark from THE SOCIETY
A t-shirt with THE SOCIETY logo
A thumb drive to store all your super-secret computer files
A coffee mug with THE SOCIETY seal

One first place winner will receive:
A 15-minute Skype phone call with the author
A $10 Amazon GC

Five second place winners will also receive:
An autographed bookmark

Ten runner-ups will receive:
An autographed THE SOCIETY bookmark


(**Please note, this password is case sensitive)



Don’t forget to check out the tee shirts and sweatshirts we have available



**For more information on the author or the book that inspired the Society Community movement, please see the tabs at the top of this page. Thanks for stopping by, have fun and good luck!




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